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Our Winning Edges

Parents-Teachers Interaction:

At SDMS, there is a healthy interaction between Parents & Teachers. Parents are regularity appraised about their ward’s positive and negative attributes and also how they are proceeding in various scholastic and co- scholastic areas.


Educational Tours & Visits:

Students are taken out for visits to various places where they can learn and add to their knowledge.


School Transport:

A special fleet of buses has been formulated conforming to stringent safety standards. Manned by trained personnel. They are equipped with first-aid and mobile phones to ensure on board communication in case of emergency or otherwise. Children and Educators travel together. Each bus has fire prevention equipment, first aid and an attendant as precautionary measures. We take every measure possible, to ensure that the children travel to and from school every day in a comfortable manner. Each Bus is equipped as per Punjab Safe School Vahaan policy.