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Aim of the School

Social & Moral Development High Academic Achievement Wider Opportunities to Succeed Commitment to a Life of Learning Innovation in Learning

S.D. Model Sr. Sec. School has been started with the sole objective of assisting the students to unfold their latent talents and help them to grow to the highest level. This is achieved through an innovative curriculum coupled with a great variety of co-curricular activities.

Since Parents and Teachers both are instrumental in shaping the same individual, it would be appropriate of the parents and the teachers to put in the combined, not segregated effort, to help the young generation to choose the best out of the open world it is exposed to with its feet firmly rooted to its own soil. Secondly it will save the students community from the grip of tuition wave.


S.D. Model Sr. Sec. School scales higher peaks of excellence with whole hearted support and co-operation from the parents.


S.D. Model Sr. Sec. School has been started as ‘The School of the future’ with a vision to make children future global citizens and has introduced many innovative methods in child education like ‘Playway Methodology’, ‘Young Scientist’, ‘Multi-Curriculum Model’, ‘Multimedia Education’ and ‘Tap the Talent’. Our endeavour is to change the trend from ‘Root Memorization’ to ‘Root Captilization’, from ‘Hard Home-Works’ to ‘Easy Self-Learning’. We continue to set standards with our innovative methods-to remain the forerunner in the field of child education. No Wonder, it is known as ‘The Future of Schools.