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From the Manager’s Desk

aikansh sir
S.D. Model School is known for its dedication in the field of education , for its results and also for paying individual attention to each child as what is expected by the parents. The School offers opportunities for its students to achieve excellence in all fields like academic, cultural, artistic, sporting, social service and lot more. We provide an inclusive, caring environment which leads to collaborative learning and positive relationships.We at SDMS strive for excellence in everything we do. We provide a learning environment that allows every student to thrive as an individual.
We guide our students to drive themselves towards personal best performance, but remind them always that achievement must be framed by procedural limits and ethical boundaries. We focus on building confidence, self motivation and many other attributes in our students
We value collaborative learning, positive relationships and building capacity amongst our students to effectively allow them to engage in the world of the future, where problem solving, evaluating, working in teams, communicating, creating and innovating are not only valued concepts, but expected skills, attributes and capabilities.

Mr.Aikansh Dhand